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Image by Creatv Eight


  • Check silverware tray for crumbs

  • Dishwasher emptied front wiped

  • Microwave cleaned inside and out

  • Refrigerator/Freezer cleaned inside and out

  • Oven outside wiped - inside cleaned

  • Stovetop wiped

  • Coffee maker - filters and pot cleaned

  • Inside of all appliance

  • Handles wiped

  • Cabinet exterior spot cleaned

  • Dining table wiped - edges and chairs

Plum in Honey


  • Clean/dust surfaces and floors

  • Vacuum open areas

  • Sweep and mop hard floors

  • Trash removed

  • Laundry completed/pulled for offsite laundering if needed

Cozy Bedroom


  • Beds made appropriately

  • Under beds checked - foreign items removed

  • Dust removed – furniture, windowsills, head/footboards

  • Drawers and closets checked

  • Clocks set to current time

Image by Daiga Ellaby


  • We supply our own cleaning supplies.

  • Replenish dish soap

  • Leave out two Cascade dish washer tablets

  • Paper towels with 1 back up

  • Sponge, dish Cloth or dish Brush

  • Dish soap (half full at least)

  • 2 Trash bags

  • Hospitality basket stocked when applicable

  • TP stocked (2 backup rolls minimum)

Image by Phil Hearing


  • All showers/baths are cleaned with bleach and a magic eraser 

  • Toilet cleaned from floor to tank with bleach

  • Counters/mirror/sink cleaned - free of hair

  • Shower door/curtain cleaned and bleached, replaced when needed

  • Bathroom floor swept and mopped

  • Soap dispenser wiped clean and at least half full


    Final Hair Scan (sink/Shower/Bath/Floor)

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