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Outdoor Area

  • Deck swept

  • Outside furniture appropriately placed and wiped down

  • Entry areas free of debris


  • Outside wiped

  • Grates scraped

  • Grease trap checked/cleaned when needed

  • Propane tank checked

Additional Items

  • Hot Tub drained and sanitized, refilled, and chemically treated

  • Windows spot cleaned

  • Bulbs checked/changed if needed

  • Thermostat set: 65 Winter/75 Summer

  • Property secure Windows/Doors & storage locked

  • Property damage reported

  • Items that the property is low on, or out of reported

Minor Repairs 

  • Any minor repairs can be fixed with a scheduled visit with our repair man. 

  • Monthly maintenance walk throughs are an additional fee that is not included in the cleaning fee. 

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